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simon richardson

October 01 , 2015 20:39  |   5 answers

eBeacon tool - not connecting

October 01 , 2015 22:25

Dear Simon,

I have too eBeacon Tool on Android and I have same problems.

The tool connects very rarely and, from 2 days, no way to use this application.

I hope like you an update because I need to change many times parameters in my development...


Thank you

simon richardson

October 02 , 2015 20:21

Just updated to the newly released version of eBeacon. Was really hoping this problem would have been sorted.

It's not ;-(

This is a really big problem as I have loads of unusable beacons now.

Any chance of an earlier version of iBeacon that I can sideload? (seeing as the earlier versions worked fine). Is that possible?


October 03 , 2015 18:46

Dear Simon,

Maybe I found a way to connect my beacon IB003N with my LG G2 Android 5.

I try to explain with my very basic english language.

First I start the application

2 I tap beacon to be connectable.

3 I clic on beacon in list

4 I tap one more time beacon during "trying to connect"

5 Success each times for me !

Important, I have define connection with automatic imput password.

Hope that helps you. 


simon richardson

October 09 , 2015 20:27


I Appreciate the reply.

The problem is, though, we have 100's of beacons and having to "hope" that we can connect to them is a problem for us.

Is this a known problem? Is it being worked on? And is there any way of having an old version to side-load for iOS? The old versions worked fine on our IB4 beacons, it's just the latest versions (probably up to 8 months ago).

Any news?


Pratik Upadhyay

October 31 , 2015 02:06

Hi Simon,

I am not from Jaalee but i can help you resolve the issue by creating a robust tool similar to eBeacon so that you can reuse all the beacons. We already have used Jaalee beacons for creating mobile apps and we are quite comfortable providing solution to end client like yours.

Drop me a line on pratik@stepinsolutions.in and we can take this forward.



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