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January 16 , 2017 22:14  |   2 answers

Problems with Jaalee becons configuration


January 16 , 2017 22:14


I recently bought several jaalee beacons (iBN003N). I'm using eBeacons tool in order to configuring them.

1. Is there a document where all settings used in eBeacons app described? There are lots of settings in HEX formats (like 0xFFD1) but no explanation of it's meaning.

2. After I entered UUID, enabled beacon (in eBeacon configure tab) and pressed ok beacons still do not appear on any iBeacon scaner except eBeacons app (some application sees them as bluetooth device). Is there a special setting I must change in order to broadcast iBeacon frames?

3. Is there a way to set up beacons to broadcast iBeacons frames ONLY?


March 17 , 2017 18:56

Please kindly refer to the user guide pof iB003-N. All HEX formats are noted. 

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